TPW 17th century French Single Harpsichord

Instrument conceived & designed by Marc Ducornet & Emmanuel Danset
Copyright © 2006 TPW

Our French Single kit has proved very popular in the short time since its inception. Engineered for ease of construction, it makes available the famous high quality of our parts at an affordable price. To facilitate your project, we have simplified the elements that are not essential to the sound quality or stability of the structure, as well as those that serve mainly ornamental function like any ornate veneers or elaborate mouldings.

Starting with the pleasantly Italianate instruments of the early French school, we extended the compass to 56 notes to allow the performance of J.S. Bach. This harpsichord is not only ideal for beginners, but also for more advanced musicians wanting to explore the early keyboard repertoire.

Of course, it also transposes, so you can play with those friends who might still have modern pitch instruments!

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Range 56+1 notes: GG-d''', transposable A415/A440 without the loss of d'''
Disposition 2x8´, buff, strung in brass and soft iron
Wood Case in solid wild American cherry, oak wrestplank, Swiss pine soundboard
Keyboard Grenadilla naturals with cherry front mouldings and cherry sharps
Action Traditional wooden jacks, celcon or delrin plectra
Stand Three turned legs screw into case bottom
Dimensions Length 197cm ~ Width 80cm ~ Depth of case 22cm
Weight about 40kg
Instructions Manual in English, French or German
full size paper drawing
Level of difficulty Suitable for beginners
Standard version Version 1, ready for assembly

Bone-slipped accidentals
Music desk
Lid & flap

Specifications subject to change without notice


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From our series of French Single construction pictures: Detail of keyboard at balance rail

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