Tools & Qualities required


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The tools…

The tools necessary for the work are few: We suggest a power drill, hammer, some screwdrivers, wire cutters, files, square, block plane, wood chisel, sandpaper, and some clamps.

The special hardware items (hinges, screws, drill bits, nails, etc.), cloth, glue, and tuning hammer are all included, carefully packaged and labelled.

With the exception of some professional models, we supply a list of parts in the detailed step-by-step construction manual, photographs, and a full scale drawing.


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How to succeed with your instrument…

Working with wood requires more patience and precision than technical competence.

Stringing is learnt by doing, and a string can always be changed. The musical finishing and voicing are delicate operations. For tuning you could use an electronic tuner, but the voicing (trimming the quills) must be done by exercising judgement with your ears and your touch.

As the instrument is worked on and played these details can be gradually refined and improved, allowing you to perfect your results. Nothing is irredeemable, since you can always replace a quill or a string without a problem. In case of trouble, we can always assist you, perhaps by refering you to someone more experienced or even a professional.

Many can tell you what a rewarding experience it is to build your own musical instrument.

Now, here is your chance!


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