Flemish Printed Papers

For many years, the fine quality, hand-printed papers in various Ruckers styles made by the Mactaggarts in England were much admired by harpsichord makers all over the world. When the Mactaggarts decided to cease their printing a few years ago, the news was received with great regret.

The rights to reproduction of their copyrighted patterns were purchased by Atelier Marc Ducornet, and the Mactaggart's original carved pearwood blocks deposited with the Russell Collection in Edinburgh.

The offset printed papers we illustrate here are in fact the only authorized reproductions, and we proudly share these with builders around the world. Our latest addition to the patterns is a digital printing of the imitation Ashgrain for the lid interior.

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© 2008 Atelier Marc Ducornet


Seahorse 30K gif

Seahorse 382 x 164mm


Reverse Seahorse 46K gif

Reverse Seahorse 368 x 178mm


Johannes 26K gif

Johannes 388 x 148mm


Reverse Johannes 25K gif

Reverse Johannes 389 x 144mm


Pellegrino 9K gif

Pellegrino 380 x 36mm


Reverse Pellegrino 9K gif

Reverse Pellegrino 394 x 44mm


Little Mask 10K gif

Little Mask 387 x 42mm


Sylvius Moresque II 10K gif

Sylvius Moresque II 349 x 48mm


Single Mask 8K gif

Single Mask Medallion 374 x 39mm


Vine Lid 7K gif

Vine Lid Border 375 x 26mm


Ashgrain 36K jpeg

Ashgrain 378 x 252mm

Papers shown are not to scale