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Find a little about our history.

Can I really build my own harpsichord?
Of course! Building your own harpsichord is no longer a dream.

What tools and expertise do I require?
We expect most of our builders already own the common tools required to complete our instruments. At THE PARIS WORKSHOP we take considerable pride in the quality of our construction manuals, and several of our instruments are suitable for first-time makers.

Which instrument?
Marc Ducornet & Emmanuel Danset have developed an extensive range of instruments suitable for amateur to professional builders. Each instrument is offered in several versions, according to how much work you would like to do yourself. Every model is pictured in our Gallery, from where there are links to the detailed specification pages. On our site you can also find information about orders & deliveries.

Spare parts & accessories…
We stock a wide range of commonly needed materials to build, decorate, tune or maintain early keyboard instruments, as well as hard to find items. Please check our Accessories page for a small selection.

Finding further information about our products or services…
Please do not hesitate to ask us or the closest of our knowledgeable Agents. They will be pleased to assist you, and on their individual websites you can find further ways we can assist with all your harpsichord requirements no matter where in the world you are.

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